Thursday, August 17, 2017

short story slam week 74

short story slam week 74, about residing else where for a change, maybe on weekends 

  So much Summer
Me for showing
Would a Smile's minute bestowing
Too exorbitant

To the Lady
With the Guinea
Look—if She should know
Crumb of Mine
A Robin's Larder
Would suffice to stow—

Thursday, July 13, 2017

beijing normal university publishing group and leardership by Dan Larson and Wang Wenquan

groups and representations
all serve for readers

music is nice
thanks a lot

Briarwood Arkansas
Bob Cooper and Matthew mailman rocks

look at Kim Jones and Christy Fine,
we remember Scott Jackson, Dan Larson, Peter Markes, Jason Grife, job well done

students are gone within 12 years
the echo of half notes sound profound

总编辑 李艳辉
 总编辑 李艳辉

分党委书记、董事长 杨耕

 分党委书记、董事长 杨耕

Sunday, June 18, 2017

short story slam week 70,


  michael murray, cello player and osai faculty

  joshua elliot, ok summer arts participant

  bryson smith, artist from lawton


  L. Newton minow

  earl carter, Robert Kerr fan and musical faculty

A Tuesday In June - Poem by Dee Daffodil

Many years before
They had made a pact
On a Tuesday in June
That should they
Both be alone
On this particular Tuesday in June
They would meet
At the same Antique store

As she walked through the doorway
She was pleasantly surprised
To find
An antique...
Very much to her liking

Dee Daffodil (HW) 25 January,2007

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

world peace year 6, poetry picnic week 45, short story slam week 69, all mixed and funny

obama and trump, who juggle the balls of arguments better in Washington d. C.?


   Kim Jone II, pyang


  syria or xuniya

foreign police
demonstrating what/
Syria means fame for Obama
Kenya means a lot too
about Yanji city limit?
we do agree that it depends on locale
when Larry Page, Seygey Brin, and Chloe Wojin tour Dale Alspach territory,
they look at streets, business,
they have interest thinking of Edmond, Oklahoma,
they have the chance thinking of Donald Street, Idaho,
they also have the time to add Sheila Moore, Phoebe Rory-Stephanie Qingates to a place,
where they are reminded of Matt Alspach, Barbara Alspach,
they also are told to climb Changbai Mountain,
eating silk worms,
pushing their limit to University of Northwetern,
believing in  Stacia Campbell, Liyuan Peng, Morton Schapiro, Mimi Schapiro,
agreeing to write stories about Yanji, Shengwu, Jay Moon, Drew Faust, Charles Faust,
forgiving someone such as Ben FRancisco, H. E. Bible, Ken Gann,
putting up Gina Noble, Mary Fallin, Jerry Yang, Linda Jaco, Uwe Gordon,
admitting Scott Jackson, Yasmine Jackson, Taylor McClurg, Clarion Kenna,
Donald Trump is wise,
so does Sean Bedraza and Tom Sent,
Iraq, Kim Jone II, Dou Houchae, Yuanming Yuan, Quanshen Jiu, Shao Xing,
uniquess and individual freedom is key to free all of us from feeling trapped,
the castle is high and strong
each place is built to share informtion with Arzelar Leming, Scott Leming, Fredrick Wise

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

poets rally week 84, Newton and Law of Gravity art

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)

 Image result for newton and apple

Image result for newton and apple

 Image result for newton and apple 

by Asa D. Bruss
I promote you like the apple
that transgresses from a tree.
It is pulled downward
and away
from calm familiarity.
Into the abyss of earth it crashes,
and is bruised.

And as the skin of all my mirth, will then decay
it shall infuse
with the origin of its origin
the birth by which its birthed,
and thus the end of its beginning,
and there forever stay.

So I shall count my loss as winning,
and ne'er again the two confuse.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

short story slam week 65, products and Uber Taxicab inventions

according to Bloomberg businessweek
a case could serve revolution
an disagreement leads to Eber invention
that is from Travis Kalanick and Fujio Mitarai, and
Toshiba Takiguch

enjoy Uber service today

Image result for fujio mitarai and toshiba takiguchi  

Image result for fujio mitarai and toshiba takiguchi 
ceo of japanese products fujio mitarai and toshiba takiguchi

Image result for uber  
uber inventor is Travis Kalanick

Garrett Camp  

Image result for Travis Kalanick

Thursday, February 16, 2017

short story slam week 62, new voices and rising tides from BWU and Peking University, including Beijing Broadcasting university

short story slam week 62, new voices and rising tides from BWU
and Peking University, including Beijing Broadcasting university


Image result for beijing broadcasting university

Image result for beijing broadcasting university 
Image result for beijing broadcasting university  Katrena Yan
Image result for beijing broadcasting university   Leslie Xu

something has happened
Katrena Yan and Leslie Xu has a daughter born February 15, 2017

the baby is cute
her name is Kay Ryan, under assumption of original name Leigha Sophiedun Xu

when Feng Dequan and Wang Jiaqiong intend to sell early childhood theory,
they involve Venetian Peng, Jingle Yan, Yang Lan, Bruno Wu, Amelia Wilson

so, Alan Noell tells a story of Cheng Yong,  He Guoping, Zhou Xin E,
Brad Henry reveals a tale of Peng Chuan Bing, Yin Bing, Wu Aime, Gao Yan

when Gu Juji and Gu Jianfeng join Li Guyi, Dong Qing, and Meng Shenglan,
they confirm that they know Yu Qiuhua, Megan Barry, Joseph Singer, and Paula Clancy

so and so,
Jiu Quansen and Yang Wanrong settle down along with Yu Bingyu, Yang Qun E, Yan Qun

after a few arguments,
we shift our gears to Frank Wang, Emily Wang, He Yan, Chao Hui, Miao Changxin, Wang Jing

Larry Gosney, Chelsea Kim, Nina Williams, Arzelar Leming join the crew

long time ago,
we have longed for Jay Nixon and Sam Brownback aids

Lucinda Page, Larry Page, Alison Wu, Eric Schmidt, and Samrufz Hillford back up

my figures are tired
I let Aaron Yaris, Mira Singer, and Martha Minow smile

why not Emily Krajicek?
why not K. D. Hurley?

why question Balane Blair?
why reject Gao Yan, Gao Hongjian, Tan Yingcong, and Tom L. Wu?

I walk around, assuming Sam Clancy, James McCormick, Michael Mosher are good
and telling truth about Dan Little, Lori Webster, Jerry Brown, and Wang Nianyu


Leslie Xu  (Jiyan at MIT)  //  Katrena Yan (jiyan at berkeley)

daughter   Leigha Sophiedun Xu (Kay Ryan)

under Yan Sheshi, Xu Zhonglin, Yan Yingfang, Yan Bingyan, Michelle Overman, Ray Smith

bless the child
your possible cousins

Frank Shen
Emily Wu
Vanessa Samrufz
Amelia Wu
Paisley Rotmurfawnt
Samba Benredjick Huang
Matilda Bollag Noell
Schapiro Pippen
Kathleen Constantin Dai
Phillip Tucker
Steven Winterbell
Aaron Yaris
Max Barry
Maxiam Chan Zuckerberg
Sohpie Ulrich
Peterson Shuai
Justin Wang
Tristan Trump
Spencer Kushner
Matthew Trump
Kai Trump
James Kushner
Alex Park
Samrufz Asyun
Justin Timber
Robert Panel Laurence
Scott Jackson Lairs
Taylor Kenna McClurg
Tara Robinson Clayton

Image result for baby

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

short story slam week 60, flavors from new york state

I swim at ocean bay
near Queen

I sit
the wacves staying

and wrong ties
in my neck
and a seagal sails high

Allen Willis
Carol Simons
George Eastman
Joel Seligman

Rebecca Sharp
Edden Wilson
Dean Baquet
James Pollo

Diane Bryayton
Terry Hayes
Andrew Aslip
Scott Watson

lots of weak murmur
empty walking
brain storming

 Image result for new york times time square        
Image result for new york times time square 
Image result for new york times time square 
Image result for new york times time square 
Image result for new york times time square