Thursday, November 17, 2016

Short Story Slam Week 57, thanksgiving trips

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my first favorite american food
which is Kentucky Fried Chicken wings and things

my first american dining expereince
McDonald next to Mr. G food shop at 53rd, Kenwood street, Chicago, IL

my first  pharmacy experience
Osco  Drugs Chicago, they sell ranman noodles for 7 packs per dollar

my first stop landing in american soil
December 19, 1993, Seattle, WA

my first time joining membership from USA
Co-op food store and Village food store

my first time riding an airplane
Beijing, China Eastern Air lines

my first time using a baking oven
555 Cornell street, I baked potatoes and Chicken legs

my first time eating a birthday cake feeling happy
Beijing Film Academy, Along with Zhang Ziyi, Amelia Wilson, Zhao Wei, and Gong Li

my first time eating Turkey at American home
that is with Greek friend,  Zach Lewis, Jim Hill, Sue Dick, and Trent Passmore

we thank you for the support,
we do love Wuxi, Shanxi, Tokyo, Thomas, Lawton, Shanghai, and Shenyang

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