Wednesday, September 28, 2016

short story slam week 53

musical with cello day
Meredith and Douglas pave the way
Lisa, Amelia, Sandy, Sean, Alen, Ivan, they meet

From Peterson to Jackson,
from Oklahoma state to Indianan state
Muncie, Stillwater, wow

a faculty decides his own fate,
He school himself from Oregon to Ohio
He instructs from Daybreak to Nightshift

a story on Douglas Droste is nice,
How about Dan Larson, Kim Jones, Christy Fine, John Clinton, Peter Markes,
how about Gayla Foster, Dennis McClurg Kenna, Taylor Swift, Eric Garcia?

songs are composed by Mulan
Adventure formed by Wangbing Dai, Hongping Wu, Lanfeng Yu, Mingfa Wang
past is our arch

sweet college days turn old,
Qun Yan, Hongjian Gao, Feng Suo, Xiaodong Xie, Zhongbing Zhang, they assist
Jun Tu, Jingyuan He, Huiju Zhou, Xiaohua Lu, Lei Zhang, Kun Tang, they kind

no thoughts in
but words vomiting their way to my chin
I spit, frowning

i believe that our past is pure good,
a undergraduate degree is what we thrive for,
regardless what block we walk and what snack we eat

Chendong Li, Shengxiong Ji, Liping Suo, Mingying He, Bing Yin, Aime Wu...
Li Cheng, Qun E Feng, Qi Wang, Qiuhua Yu, Shijie Zen, Charles Li, all productive

a wuhan teacher is nice
a wuhan department asistant is cute

Jianfei Sun reminds us of Xundong Wang, Fuchou Fan, Lydia Howard,
Ted Cruz, Heidi Cruz,  Michael Pence, Donald Trump, they may win

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Image result for muncie        
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Image result for ball state university 

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Image result for columbia, Mo student from university of missouri, Columbia

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Image result for university of international florida 
Image result for university of international florida

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