Sunday, May 15, 2016

short story slam week 44, poetry rally week 83, world peace year 5


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some guys stop by,
passing a note to Ivan Dai,
remain loyal to jehovah,
jim norick arena-state park
333 gordon cooper blvd
a place to vote, watch games, and say go.

health science is cool,
so does Austin Mitchell and Lee Fan,
although Brian Dick, Brian Schmidly, and Brian Lange do well,
some indeed worry about SNB bank,
Jessie Lone Clarkson Gilkey writes "OU Chant",
Robert Bird Library, David L. Boren Student Union, Wow

Valerie Truong, Anne Pereira, Kelvin Droegemeier, Jason Sanders,
Eric Howard, howard Johnson, Dawn Prusalor, Franklin Hays,
Beverley Greenwood-Van Meerveld, Amanda Stock, Evan Floyd,
Karriem Allah, Qian Chen, Mei Du, Jian-xing Ma, Krysten Farjo,
William Taylor, Yong Chen, Daniel Carr, Derek Royer, Mark Lang,
Pragya Rampuria, Madhu Parkunan, Michelle Callegan, Susan Hassed,
Sara Vesely, Doris Benbrook, Camille Gunderson, Mohamad Cherry,

Jessica Anderson, Drew Cratsenberg, Sarah Montgomery, Dianne Samad,
Gary O'Mealey, Emily Kurdzo, Naresh Bhandarl, Scott Plafker, Molly Boren,
Dean Dawson, Basir Mushtag, Nan Zhang, Rodger McEver, Guangpu Li,
Matthew Caleb Marlin, Rebba Boswell-Casteel, Joseph Basinger,France Cordova,
Casey Classen, Dava Newman, Jacqueline Woodson, Mary Carter, Wyatte Jeltz,
Sarah Bramlett, Victoria Christofi, Carlos Rodriguez, Kate Stanton, Clarke Stroud,

Jaimin Patel, Tyler Paul, michael Takahata,
Mustang, David Boren Hall,
Residence hall, Headington Hall,
Walker tower, Ou Daily,
Norman, Mia Pons, Ted Cruz,
Austin Taylor, Anna Mayer,

Gregg Garn, Joseph Siano, Dana Brannam,
Kyle Harper, Mary Smith, Page Jones,
Derek Peterson, Chelsea Davis, Marie Nguyen,
Joe Mussatto, Andrew Clark, Supriya Sridhar,
Siandhara Bonnet, Mia Chism, Jessica Barber,
Timothy Hart, Randall Coyne, Susan Pierce, Ellis Pierce

late august
jumping frogs
staff and faculty speak,
we vote Zelina Estrada, Tanya Mustin, Kathrine Cooley,
Teresa Corcoran, Joseph Schmidt, Michelle Olson, Jocelyn Barton,
Lauren Dunlevy, Siddika Mulchan, Eileen Parker, Jim Weller,
Ali Thomas, Bill George, Heath Huffman, Taylor Tafarella,

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wilderness Is Anything but Wild

Wilderness is anything but wild.
It is an artifact of modern life.
Longing for innocence, we are beguiled,
Determined to re-virginize our wife.
Eons of humanity were there,
Resident in each ecology.
Nor can we go back further, for nowhere
Exist the plants and creatures we would see.
So we create what never was, a space
Shorn of those long native to that place.

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