Thursday, April 21, 2016

short story slam week 43

short story slam week 43, views from panama city , april 21, 2016 to may 8, 2016

Jersey City
Meredith Blecha Wells meet Olive Wells

Rome Number
X means ten, V means five, and  III means three

Charlie Coe Golf Learning court
Brad Dalke and Tiger Woods swing their bets

Norman Sam Noble history museum
Kyler Murray is on OUDAILY via Scott Hiney 

Kent, Washington,
Thomas Jaco, Anna Jaco, and Samuel Jaco vote for technology

Las Vegas,
Venetian casino competes with Osage


Monday, April 4, 2016

boston Organics and April International nutrition Month is Woahn!!

Our Story

With over 18 years in product manufacturing, Aspen has become a leader in high quality custom beverage solutions. A quest for the “perfect” coffee has grown Aspen Beverage Group into one of the leading producers of liquid coffee in the world.
Civil Engineer and CEO, Chad McNair has explored every aspect of coffee extraction, knowing that every step in a process contributes – or detracts – from the final product. He developed the proprietary TRIO™ process and built an industry leader. Aspen discovered that the key to stable, excellent flavor comes from the quality and purity of the ingredients and gentle handling in the process. By applying sophisticated technology to excellent base ingredients, Aspen produces a cleaner, superior beverage. The company has consistently earned Silliker certification for exceptional food quality systems, culminating in the Silliker Platinum Award in 2008.

It all began in Chad and Shelly McNair’s family kitchen. Chad sought a perfect coffee extract that could be mixed with milk and used in a “granita” (ice slush) machine or poured over ice. He shared the resulting mix with his favorite cafĂ© and the customers called it “fabulous.”
This success caused Chad to consider a new business. As he presented the idea to his wife, Shelly, he promised – her and the Lord – which he would invest only $1,000 of the family’s money and committed to never borrowing any money for this business, and if the business was not doing well in six months, he would quit and find a “real job.” Today, Aspen products are used in restaurants, convenience retailers, institutional kitchens and other foodservice operations throughout the United States and around the world. Distributors enjoy a brisk demand for Aspen products as more and more people “Enjoy the Best.”

The company was named after the rustic elegance and natural beauty they found in the Rocky Mountains, a place where people escape the rigors of daily life and relax in the splendor of God’s creation. “When our customers pour an Aspen Beverage, the aroma fills them with the feeling we get in Aspen – the clear, clean, natural feeling of the mountains.”

Whether it’s a hot cup of Aspen Colombian Blend Dark Roast or a cold, refreshing Aspen Iced Tea, Chad McNair’s vision has produced a line of beverages that satisfy customers all over the world.

Lettuse, Tomatoes, Basil, Eggplants, and Spinaches

 Image result for nutrition month
Image result for nutrition month
Image result for nutrition month
A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016
drawing contest
a first grader determines to paint images of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Basil

International Nutrition Month,
April 1 to May 2, 2016 flying moth

purple heart
beautiful Walmart

pretty eggs
Aldi and Food Pyramid salads

Nathan Greenwood's Angry orchard,
Sherman Smith's indoor training football center

Brumley aprtment
Iron Tie comes from leafy sweet Spinaches

eat well
walk fitbit

new balance shoes
vans off the wall mission statements

I have drunk some pineapple cider
my imagery of the world becomes greener, hotter, and better