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short story slam week 39, the love between Burgess Wilson Mitchell and Deborah Jordan Brooks

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short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

 Burgess Wilson Mitchell and Deborah Jordan Brooks are talented pair,
growing up at Queen, New York city, being classmates to one another
ever since 1984, until 1996, although they are in the same school, they have remained
silent to one another as if one is the Mars, another is the Moon, this is one style
of romance...

a young lord who is very conservative, determined, and traditional,
a young lady who decides to be considerate, natural, and knowledgeable,
they perform well when it comes to Tanglewood orchestra, with the man
playing Cello, the woman playing Violin, they win prizes on Speech contests
in New York state, with one Third place,  another Fifth place.

Burgess Wilson Mitchell and Deborah Jordan Brooks have done 
spelling bee team, traveling all the way to Washington D. C., visiting 
Washington Monuments, and Lincoln Memorial, and shaking hands with
president Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Bill William
Clinton...they love the rule of thumb from former Governor of Arkansas state,
a little rock resident Bill Clinton rumor, style, fashion, manner, and laws

why Deborah refuses to date?
why Burgess refuses to propose?

because they both carry fears, they worry about broken promises, missing
seminar participation, tearful goodbyes, because some of their classmates
indeed dare to go through that, not them.

Chasing Amy movie does affect Deborah, Rush Hour III indeed opens
Burgess' eyes, when the world spins like gambling machine at Jeopardy
TV show, when Kung Fu panda III and Star Wars IV hit the markets
and earns billions of dollars, Burgess and Deborah still choose to stay clean

not only stay clean from media, friends, but also clean from job markets

a shift occurs when, one day, Deborah is attending Brown University, 
receiving a letter from her relative Sonu Bedi, who asks her to write 
a greeting to Burgess, asking him to join Demarcate party, becoming
a politician while pursuing a job at Law firm as a Law major.

DEborah feels excited when Burgess surprises her with a sudden visit,
inviting her to look at his college, Oxford University, London...

they eat lunch at a fancy location, feeling weird, also familiar, because
they know each other for more than 20 years, yet behave like strangers,
they think of Sonu Bedi's arrangement, laughing at each other...

for some reason, Burgess decides to consider Deborah as his formal 
girl friend, and they love the distance Brown University and Oxford University
bring to them, and enjoy their long distance phone calls, and anticipated
visits from America and England.

once Burgess Wilson Mitchell obtains a job at Silicon Valley, he engages
himself to DEborah Jordan Brooks, they have small wedding at 
New York central park, crowded by many friends, the taste of love
is very feverish and hot to both man and woman

when their first child Robert Mortlock Brooks Mitchell is born at mountain
view children's hospital, to Burgess and DEborah, things become dramatic, 

the life is made,
Burgess and Deborah are connected to one another like forever, 
winning fame and respect from fellow co-workers, 
K. Authur Overholser, Cynthia Paschal,  Michelle Clarke, Mike Herron,
Peter Cummings, Dean Lacy, Jim Bernard Murphy, William Robinson,
Martha Layton, Jill Tracy Biden, Craig Robinson, Jian Hua, Julie Rose,
Janiece Harrison, David Bass, Ronald-Harris Warrick, Brad Jolie-Pitt,
Mark Decrosta, Sam Napolitano, Nicole Denhartog, Janet Hui, David Schmidly

 sorrow is nothing to Deborah,
jagged basket means a tool to Burgess,
no matter how life is viewed by a friend,
the creation of Burgess and Deborah---Robert Mortlock Brooks Mitchell
make proud parents continue their journey, because the road is long,
the path is full of rocky bumps, but the small child's innocent smile
will always warm their heart.

today, the couple are celebrating their mid-aged life with
three children, Robert Mortlock, Brendan Nyhan, Peter Bruns, 
lots of wonderful memory in the back of their mind.

 they currently live at Phonix, Arizona, 
running their business independently, 
winning approval from  George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, 
Joe Biden, and Marty Walsh, Morty Owen Schapiro

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