Saturday, January 30, 2016

a mix of tags and thoughts, not focusing too much on short stroy salm week 37

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 Wednesday Waters

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Medieval house 

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Spontaneous [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]
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Signless Wednesday
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 outside Michigan state,
by the shore of Lake Cao,
an anchor of Northwestern University stands

Mary Block museum has black and white art exhibits,
Maple street hosts dozens of Medieval homes,
no risk if you park your car at Sherman street plaza

North face and Andy's ice cream seem cool,
so does William's summer shoes,
I indeed enjoy Jimmy Johns sandwiches 

plights hits with evaluation of action facts
Action is taken without respecting consequences
No end of writing, not focusing on short story tents  

at the corner of my mind,
a rose garden and a row of green tents are set,.
I sit there, watching butterfly drinking morning dews

that is a momentary fancy,
book a fight to Rome today,
i will mind mapping Princeton and Yan Zhang's silence.

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