Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Prompts

Wordle 226
Bluebell Books Twitter Club!
Seattle Seahawks taxing low,
Dim Light drifts passing fall,
his secret is her holy mist,
her flesh is hidden in morning frost

respect is one thing all want,
yams, apple, watermelon, bananas, and squash,
the abyss is deep near the red cliff,
the eagle soars high to reference emotional grief
Tides, tiles, bricks, cements, and steel,
the material square gather Chi bottles,
high voltage wire, stubborn poles,  
the wind mills twist for solar energy

Seattle of Washington seems nobel,
Boston SO orchestra conducts long horn music,
scanning over Philadelphia, Princeton, Honolulu,
the day walks into a room of Maryanno dolls.

A Fitness Plan Shall Help Obesity
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Image result for black and white pictures
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

short story slam week 32, signs, signs

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 signs, signs

who even think of Mexican children?
do you love Barney and Friend's with Lucy, Tina, Derek, and Minn in it?
I recall my Chicago experience, knowing Kathy and her teddy bear

new york city is well known for Time Square, and
for Broadway Orchestra concerts,
and Princeton folks always have easy rides to Madison Square of Ny

the sign of angel church pointing upward to the sky,
an old man walks by, taking a snapshot from near,
Spain becomes a place for study aboard

thoughts of abstract concepts sprout,
meditation, taichi, Friday prayers heal,
tiger lily will always occupy Baghdad, Iraq's oil field.

Friday, November 6, 2015

short story slam week 32: see what Jami Mattox does to Oklahoma magazine

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

I look at Gene Luen Yang,
I recall Zachary Thomas Dodson,
I see bats high in the blue face sky

the silver body
with stretched wings,
reminding me of a taxing airplane

a book is written
when people, products, and creative thoughts are invented,
how about best doctors in the nation, including Dr. Nazih Zuhdi

far at Dallas, Texas,
Highland Park Village reveals stories of Akris, Chanel, Escada,Jimmy Choo,
Rag & Bone, Saint Laurent, Vince, Tom Ford, Five and Ten, James Perse,

family, friends, coworkers speak,
trillions of blogs roam the universe,
hello, Gene Silvis, Frank Munn, Sherry Conrady, Nancy Haase, and Budo Perry

matrix as juzen,
july as qiyue,
magical languages transfer us to places such as Fayetteville, south Africa.