Friday, October 16, 2015

a nightmare from nowhere (short story slam week 31)

dark spell
invisible people
facebook fiction
straNGE messages

complaints from current authorities,
disagreement from some who wear the same shoes
angry look from a hawaii driver
subjective assumptions spread

says the sun,
there is no way for civilians to decline creative stories,
announces the moon

shadowy figures gather
some wave their hands for calmness,
a few shake their heads for truce,
there is no way for one to say only one of a type is cool

kez and asim come,
showing their beautiful art and admirable forehead,
their experiences tell their beautiful peanut magpie,
and more will join for a out of space drive.

Short Story Slam Prompt 31: 17 days to A Spooky and Sheepish Halloween Night

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Darkness © msullivan

The darkness comes from deep inside.
It creeps up from out of your dark side.
Gnawing at your flesh by your graveside.
Of a life that you feel lives you mortified.
Creeping death shivers down your spine.
You feel it wrap around, you feel it reassign.
Your screams and visions will all align.
Under the moon they will combine.
The cares and the worries you place on today.
Are replaced by blinding pain in your temple, you have nothing to say.
Your feel all hope go floating away.
Leaving you alone, as your body starts to decay.
You see your life end, but when did it begin?
You fall to your knees as your thoughts go within.
The deepest part of your soul, under your skin.
You see the vision of the bitter end.
You stay alive as the skin and muscle fall from your bones.
You get lightheaded and collapse on your knee bone's.
You feel like you're in an episode of the twilight zone.
All you can do is let out a little moan.
You finally succumb to your fate.
You finally become the desolate.
Roaming the earth as deaths advocate.
Bringing your victims to hells gate.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

random haiku


all of a sudden, I
see angry orchard, blue moon,
plus appleton estate


strive for coney island
end up at Strickland park area,
mid-night breakfast served