Monday, May 4, 2015

Clark Kensington At ACE (the peace you find at your weekly merchandisers words)

a shop is a stop
that satisfies people,
At ACE store,
Mother's day sales bloom all over the floor.
Cushioned Wicker Rocker,
a hot buy,
9-Pattern hose nozzle,
a special purchase.
Weed Block Landscape Fabric,
a token for Yardwork perfection,
Green Turf or Scotts Turf Builder Seed mix bags,
A quality quarter to lawn satisfaction.
Clark Kensington,
Cutting-edge savings are endless at ACE hardware workyard.
a flyer is impressive
when the planner is smart and creative,
may not shop there, but reading an art of merchandisers
is truly pleasant and obtains momentary peace.