Wednesday, April 22, 2015


pitch, hit, run,
first, second, third bases,
youth league has fun.
all team members go green,
one catches, one pitches, one stands on plate,
the rest of the teams watch.
from yankee doddle,
to boston baseball field,
the home-runner always free of tags.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

honeydew: a golden nutri-cure

not as popular as apples,
not as soft as bananas,
not as sharp as coconuts,
honeydew makes one think of Jintao Hu.
a fruit with football shape,
a daily food serve item,
a sweeter social than cucumber,
honeydew is a prince fruit at Seattle Comfort kingdom.
buy a fruit tray,
share with your friends for a joyful day,
your wellness wishes will come true
as long as your take honeydew as a golden nutri-cure.
the mass feels the urge to speak,
when few kids agree to eat and fit,
promote your choice of hobby lobby,
the honeydew vine will dance music in your feet.

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 Two Honeydew Melon Recipes: Honeydew

Saturday, April 4, 2015

blank park zoo

Train rides,
Des Moines Blank Park zoo.
Alex Marsh om John Harvard's shoulder,
Jason Hanson sits next to Guitar Center.
McCormick school tech building,
Graduation honor roll is admirably exciting.
Open notes by Mary,
Masters permission by Harry.
Dimana Barzbashi entertains Owen Walsh,
Boone Pickens stadium pampers Ryan Field Bash.
Patricia Cooperates with Laticia,
Morton and Julio feed Laosze Chuan Anna.
Blank Park zoo,
Hyvee at Madison LaoMala pool.
a long drive,
the wills to fulfill one's dreams thrive.