Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tomato (Pan Que or Xi Hong Shi)

Body height vine trees,
Green hairy leaves,
Tomato woods are godly Kiddoos.

Solid and greenish at young,
a tomato is born ambitious and strong,
and the whole thing looks perfectly round.

Hard and raw for a week long,
Summer sunlight makes it hang on and on,
The color shifts to bright red when the time is upon.

From a tiny tomato seed,
To a leafy tomato tree rooted in dirt,
The Sun, the Moon, and the air have woven their magic wand
by giving birth to a food fantasy.

Some call tomato Pan Que,
Others call tomato Xi Hong Shi,
But it is tomato's nutrition factors
that sets its outstanding quality, no doubt.
Tomatoes are a princess fruit vegetable for all fit family.

Tomato ketchup,
Tomato Salsa,
Tomato Slices Salad,
Tomato eggdrop soup,
Tomato truly delights us all for being unique western crimson.

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