Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beyond and Around city Boise of Idaho State

I used to read a novel
with the story setting at Idaho,
Boise as the capital is a myth to me though,
As a budding city,
I believe that it is original and pretty.
There are mountains and valleys about,
There are wagons and horses,
Boise implies Boyang=Beyond,
Since Boi=Boy, which says Nan Hai or Male Child,
And Se is part of sea, the ocean that far and wide.
Going to Boise is standing out,
Obtain what's available, no doubt.
A home near woods and orchards,
with fence and green grass refresh the air,
open space is always a dreamy grace
to know and trace,
I wish to woo Boise!

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Marrisa Sergey Christian Murphy said...

glad to find a rare chance to know a little bit of this.