Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tomato (Pan Que or Xi Hong Shi)

Body height vine trees,
Green hairy leaves,
Tomato woods are godly Kiddoos.

Solid and greenish at young,
a tomato is born ambitious and strong,
and the whole thing looks perfectly round.

Hard and raw for a week long,
Summer sunlight makes it hang on and on,
The color shifts to bright red when the time is upon.

From a tiny tomato seed,
To a leafy tomato tree rooted in dirt,
The Sun, the Moon, and the air have woven their magic wand
by giving birth to a food fantasy.

Some call tomato Pan Que,
Others call tomato Xi Hong Shi,
But it is tomato's nutrition factors
that sets its outstanding quality, no doubt.
Tomatoes are a princess fruit vegetable for all fit family.

Tomato ketchup,
Tomato Salsa,
Tomato Slices Salad,
Tomato eggdrop soup,
Tomato truly delights us all for being unique western crimson.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beyond and Around city Boise of Idaho State

I used to read a novel
with the story setting at Idaho,
Boise as the capital is a myth to me though,
As a budding city,
I believe that it is original and pretty.
There are mountains and valleys about,
There are wagons and horses,
Boise implies Boyang=Beyond,
Since Boi=Boy, which says Nan Hai or Male Child,
And Se is part of sea, the ocean that far and wide.
Going to Boise is standing out,
Obtain what's available, no doubt.
A home near woods and orchards,
with fence and green grass refresh the air,
open space is always a dreamy grace
to know and trace,
I wish to woo Boise!