Thursday, September 5, 2013

Music, Monday Busy Recitals, Sunday Concerts, Fun and Shine! To OYO from Sheng Wu!

Here is my wish to say a little thankyou to those who add lights and blend strength to Sheng's musical experiences and talents... From 2005 to 2010, endless trips and laughter, time juice and wits, thanks once again!

No order, but random write of honorable names of oklahoma youth orchestra program:

Robert V. Cooper, Jr.
John E. Clinton,
Scott Jackson,
Denise McClurg,
Peter Marks,
Matthew Mailman,
Sarah Neely,
Dawn Thraikill,
Gena Alexander,
Christy Fine,
Kristin Fisher,
Mark Osborn,
Jessica Stephens,

Michael Norris,
Peri Bennett,
John Lynn,
Jerry Messick,
Mark Edward Parker,
Mark Belcik,
Edward Walker,
Greg Bowes,
Mary Bradnax,
John Cain,
Manuel Prestamo,

Keep it up....Many blessing Fly your way!