Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Somethng New or Different by Sam373 or Sammie L. Carter


Why desire different, that created perfect in all of it diversity.
A man or woman by acceptable definition,
Needs a partner that does not allow less than their best
To represent as one;
An avatar of the truth as designed.
Challenge me my love,
Remind me of your bliss
And challenge me to keep up
As we strive
A goal that need not be the same
Although our path or paths are not destined 2-B-1.
Move your hips
Part  your lips
Move your feet;
Dangle that carrot, don’t miss a beat.
Don’t stop nor stray along the way
In this trek to perfection
There must be no delay.
As we travel this earthen plan
We hope to find a friend that will with us walk,
Our paths being the same
And for a helpmate to strive with us as one;
As spirits bound.
Can they be just one?
Yes, but most often not.
When 2=1