Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Somethng New or Different by Sam373 or Sammie L. Carter


Why desire different, that created perfect in all of it diversity.
A man or woman by acceptable definition,
Needs a partner that does not allow less than their best
To represent as one;
An avatar of the truth as designed.
Challenge me my love,
Remind me of your bliss
And challenge me to keep up
As we strive
A goal that need not be the same
Although our path or paths are not destined 2-B-1.
Move your hips
Part  your lips
Move your feet;
Dangle that carrot, don’t miss a beat.
Don’t stop nor stray along the way
In this trek to perfection
There must be no delay.
As we travel this earthen plan
We hope to find a friend that will with us walk,
Our paths being the same
And for a helpmate to strive with us as one;
As spirits bound.
Can they be just one?
Yes, but most often not.
When 2=1


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Bad Guys by Dave Holloway

In their shoes, 
from their point of view 
they are right 
and fight the good fight.
Absurd as it seems
their irrationality 
is quite rational to them 
who flip us off.

Problem is 
their numbers will grow 
and that's something
beyond anyone’s control.
So, stand your ground 
and mow them all down 
and thank your lucky stars 
you live in America.