Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Cats dance,
paw printing,
all catalogs
showing them
what make sense,
But these are
special acts
on pets such as Pat,
Kate, Anne, and Matt.
While some of the
cats look at
catalogs, we know
other cats go
mouse touching,
they get online
and meow via
skype at
dogs on the
other side of
the world, they become
dog's friend
and bring odds
to the house..
that's the worst
of that...


Iris Sergey Murphy said...


northwestern university=xibei daxue,

new=niu =xing

Rebecca Apple Clinton said...

North =Bei=Pei=Pe



Rebecca Apple Clinton said...

Schapiro=Shapiro=Xia Pi Luo

Rebecca Apple Clinton said...

Standford=Si Tan Fu,

Harvard= Ha Fu,

Strawberry=Cao Mei,

Straw=Xi Guan =Cao

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

interesting one.

keep it up.

Nataeven Charles Fallin said...


Sarah AmEricAn Bush said...

very touching imagery.

Mimi Shawn Henry said...

this is good.

Kimberly Deborah Schmidly said...

powerful tribe.

Rachel Collegewood Schapiro said...


Justin Penter Wood said...

nice tribe.