Monday, October 29, 2012

Pig= Hogs =Zhu, Monkey King = Sheng Wu Kong, Zhu Ba Jie =Eighth Pig Guy (Characters in Shi You Ji)

Zhu Ba Jie

Hogs are wild ones,
While pigs are domestic ones,
Both make pork meat,
They eat plants,
wild ones, and wheat shells,
go "oink oink" loudly,
Pigs are pink, mostly,
Slow thinking and fat,
Some gives a metaphor
referring "lazy folks' as pig persons...

At "The Journey To The West",
a world famous book (Shi' You' Ji),
There is a character pig,
he is called "Zhu Ba Jie"
or Eighth Pig Guy,
Which is full of silly
but fantastic events,
as Tang'Sheng as the monk,
traveling to the west to get "Holy Treasure" or "Jin",
The Monkey King called
"Sheng' Wu' Kong", who has
been a godly monkey,
who is capable of fighting
and discovering evil spirits,
and making sure his Boss safe...

Monkey King =Sheng  Wu Kong

Xi You Ji =The Journey To The West images


Iris Huswiferyman Murphy said...

trying to see pigs or hogs,

end up with Shi You Ji,

and its characters,

Tang Sheng,
Zhu Ba Jie,
Sha He Shang,
Sheng Wu Kong...

Rebecca Victorya Clinton said...

this is creatively fun.

Sarah Glenwool Bush said...


Riika Shawn Henry said...

incredible characters.

Sheng Henry Wood said...

funny facts.

Justin Penter Wood said...

great one.

Helen Rice Obama said...

silly stuff.

Indiana Rosemary Watson said...

way to go.

Bing Yap said...

i'm a miniature pig collector and i enjoyed reading your piece about hogs and pigs...

thanks for visiting my blog. :)