Monday, October 29, 2012

Pig= Hogs =Zhu, Monkey King = Sheng Wu Kong, Zhu Ba Jie =Eighth Pig Guy (Characters in Shi You Ji)

Zhu Ba Jie

Hogs are wild ones,
While pigs are domestic ones,
Both make pork meat,
They eat plants,
wild ones, and wheat shells,
go "oink oink" loudly,
Pigs are pink, mostly,
Slow thinking and fat,
Some gives a metaphor
referring "lazy folks' as pig persons...

At "The Journey To The West",
a world famous book (Shi' You' Ji),
There is a character pig,
he is called "Zhu Ba Jie"
or Eighth Pig Guy,
Which is full of silly
but fantastic events,
as Tang'Sheng as the monk,
traveling to the west to get "Holy Treasure" or "Jin",
The Monkey King called
"Sheng' Wu' Kong", who has
been a godly monkey,
who is capable of fighting
and discovering evil spirits,
and making sure his Boss safe...

Monkey King =Sheng  Wu Kong

Xi You Ji =The Journey To The West images

Monday, October 22, 2012

Polar Bears =Bears at North Pole =Bei Ji Xiong

 Polar Bears, Pole =Ji, Bears =Xiong

White, fat polar bears,
They walk through north pole, no fears,
their thick fur protects.
On north of the earth,
Animals find ways to pass time,
Strong polar bear wit.
The ocean is big,
The weather is cruelly cold,
Polar bears, tale told.
Protected by sun,
Mother bear and her cub bear
cuddle close, divine!

Sun=Yang, Polar Bears =Bei Ji Xiong for image credit

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Fun To Be Lo-vi-ng!



I love to read, I love to write,
I love black, I love white;
I love to think, I love to promote,
I love friends, I love to vote.
I love to share, I love to laugh,
I love words, I love photograph,
I love the day, I love the night,
I love to inspire, I love to play with a fire.
I love the young, I love the old,
I love silver, I love gold,
I love people, I love solitude,
I love shrouds, I love good attitude.
I love the forests, I love the geese,
I love milk, I love cheese,
I love the rain, I love the sea,
I love you, and I love our shared day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haiku On Home

Reading a good book
is the way to sail the boat,
knowledge is cool.
Writing is growing,
It's a home run to compose
and publish poetry.
Exercise are wholesome
either at home or outdoors,
Keep the course running.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Louise Question

Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 74 (October 4 -October 10)

 The world is a wonderful creation,
There is a universal law ruling it on every occasion,
From the heights of the mountain,
To the depths of the Ocean,
Every drop of water benefits a place,
Every molecule of air belongs to the space,
Each fire is started for a reason,
Each tree turns green in spring season,
Natural beauty and necessity
keeps the earth live, orbit in harmony,
compassion and affinity
make peace, love, and tolerance go to infinity. for image credit