Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Da Fun Ji Mi Ma and Indian Summer As Fresh As Tomatoes

While trees are still Jade green,
Spring hesitates to deposit the wood,
Schools are wrapping up every-thing,
The first thunder waves his fists in neighborhood,
I tell myself, "nothing lasts forever,
no more test or homework to go over."
The mood on Grade F or A
is soon replaced by vacation (Du'Jia) at Santa Fe,
Tomatoes watch birds fly in shape of V,
The supreme court passes the bill on marriage of Gay,
Folks dress up, in short and mostly bare,
Girls do sun-bath at beaches,
while boys with swimwear relax,
drawing easy breath.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happiness (Evan Boland)

copyrighted by Evan Boland
A connemara summer, 1940,
My father is learning Irish,
My mother is painting the harvest.
She holds umber and burnt orange
up against the canvas.
He says
samradh for summer and atais for happiness.
The Atlantic
salts the dark,. She packs her colors.
It is time to go home
to the city where I have yet to be born.
They cannot see my sadness
as the train moves east through
Fields, shadows, farms towards
my life.
They do not hear the wheels
saying-as I can-
never again, never again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Simple Words For Swans

Swan, swan, swan!
Look up into the sky
and sing to the sun,
Glide your white feathers
against the green waves,
Wiggle your red feet
in the clear water,
Darkness is the way
to light,
Keep showing your beautiful side.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Crossing (Short Story Slam Week 24)

In stealthy wing,
The boat sailed cross
the water field,
We gasped and
held the rail tight,
in life jackets.
The woods wink ahead,
The fish tailgating below,
Shivering path,
before, behind, and around,
The sea filled us,
We filled it and felt full.

 The perfect poet award for week 73, Thanks for nominating and award me, for week 74, I wish to nominate  Bijaylaxmi  ..have fun!