Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ode To Jingle Yanqui: Modern Society Desperately Wants Orders, Justice, Equality, and Healthy Relationships!!!

Yanji City at Jilin and Anhui Province Map...

While some argue that: freedom of speech,
sexual relations or life choices is key
to happiness, still, modern society desperately
wants orders, justice, equality, and healthy
relationships. Yanji (PengChuanhui) deserves
geographic honors (states/Provinces) via Maryland,
Virginia, Columbia, and Maine (America) and Jilin,
Anhui, Gansu (Maryland), and Sichuan(China)...
Act Today, Support Jingle Yanqui's efforts!

Sichuan Map including Chan-Douglas, and Joyful Mountain

Chinese Government named Gansu as Chinese Maryland, 
including Suzy and Jingle...

Gansu Province (Next To ShengJiang Province), 
Chinese Maryland art and music show..

Jilin Province of China, 

 American states Map, Maryland and Virginia...

 Maine (ME) State Map and Cities...

 Maine and Washington County

 Goldfinch bird, one of Jingle's favorite creations by Jesus...

 Spill Waterfall at Petit Jean National Park, Arkansas 

 Petit Jean National Park

 Image Credit: Yanji, Peng Chuanhui, Integrity, Love, Moral, Healthy Relations.....Ji is also honored by other cities or organizations such as  Yantai city, Yan Cheng city, Yantai wine, Yanjing beer, Yanbian, Yannan, Yan Dang Mountain, Yan An, Yabulee, Jinan City, Jimo, Huizhou City, Shiyanwuxue, Zhuji, Baoji, Keji, Jinji, Shenjichu, 
Jisu, Jiqiao, Conghui, Penn State, ... etc. ...blessings...keep it up, Ji  ;)..


Robin Clinton said...

It is a hard choice to stand for righteousness, but it worths the efforts.

I have a daughter, I wish her for happiness in marriage.

Men shall respect their wives and value their supports.

Iris Raun Murphy said...

oh my,

this is cool.

well deserved honors for Ji.