Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mr. B at 2118 Celia Street: Your Kindness and Generosity R Highly Treasured by The Washington Family and ME!

 Mr. Wayne Bovenschen at 2118 Celia Street Is Friendly...

Professor Wayne Bovenschen
(2118 Celia Street) appears a friendly
neighbor by including Jiyan's family mailbox
inside the red brick wall
built for mails of 2118 Resident, overall,
Mr. B is a faculty at Winds and Percussion,
Department of Music, Oklahoma State University.
He's shooting Basketball with colleagues
at his May party now (5/5/2012).

 Image Credit: on Musicians around osu and global...neighborly individual as musician, Mr. B or Professor Wayne Bovenschen....


Jiahong Wu said...

Thanks for making life easy and grand.

keep it up.

Iris Raun Murphy said...

what a sweet tribe.

very thoughtful post.

Robin Clinton said...

a good one.