Thursday, May 24, 2012

Evening Watch

In this 4W drive Honda Car,
There is nothing but doubts,
Hanging low to linger in June air,
The Pen Handle houses blink their eyes,
Fascinating at the five-star vacation,
When Lizards visit from bright fixture,
Home style breakfasts romance the crisp morning.
Wondrous thoughts lurk,
Xinhua news toy with slim-hipped Mongolian wind,
No Iraq music sings for me, 
but well-fed camels scuttle through the beach,
I smell my favorite coffee in the kitchen
as night escape to the New York city,
where birds dance with hopeful songs
to the birches at the central park.


Jiahong Wu said...
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Iris Yacht Murphy said...

well done.

Elizena said...

This kind of reminded me of a typical day. Getting up in the morning and driving to work and definitely not enjoying the drive or the thought of work.
Then at the end of the day walking through Central Park to relax and watching the birds converse with the trees.
These are the pictures that came into my head as I read this.
I love pieces that put pictures in my head. Very well done. Blessings.

Andy David said...

Nice contrast between the two time periods. Thanks for sharing.

This Plunderous World

nefariousx said...

Nice flow and imagery of the poem. Good work.

Aya Gugles Wilson said...

vivid imagery.

M. Reka said...

Beautiful flow, love it :)
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