Friday, March 30, 2012

Way To Go, KJ 103 102.7 FM Radio Station

Listening to radio while driving
has become a hobby to Jingle,
KJ 103 radio follows her everywhere,
pop music is cool,
Morning humor is impressive,
even Tom considers KJ 103 102.7 FM
being hot, a great big thanks to
TJ, Janet, and Jrod, for their
time and love to community
and for their inspirations.

Image Credit: KJ 103 web abd blog, TJ, Janet, and Jrod

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Austraslia (Austin+Trisha+Amelia): A Beautiful Island To Bee!


Australia is the sixth largest country
in the world. It is a beautiful island
surrounded by water as the smallest continent.
Australia's Capital city is Canberra, and
major cities include Brisbane, Sydney, Perth,
Melbourne, and Adelaide. Jiahong enjoyed
his visit to Australia years ago, Amanda (now),
and Dr. Anthony Kable (previously) have been
Australia residents.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stillwater Academic Highlight: Winning Is The Beginning of Working!

Through Stillwater National Bank,
Stillwater News Press
has shed highlight on Stillwater
High School graduates on
its cover page (see Sheng on the left first),
and The Oklahoma newspaper has given its unique
edition to Academic All State Winning Banquet,
Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence was featured,
along with lists of graduates from
Meridian Technology Center.

Image Credit:, Stillwater News Press, Stillwater High School, The Oklahoma, ..

Branson at Missouri: The Brand New Mansion to A Traveler's Satisfaction

Branson, Missouri is one of those
attractions that's comprehensive,
and remarkable,. artists gathered
to make the place shine like a star,
Believe it or not museum is what Sheng and Tom
enjoyed visiting, magic show, water park,
Chinese acrostics are fantastic too,
if you are on spring break for the week,
visit Branson, Missouri today.

Image Credit:, On Branson, tips...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Asya Pritsker: The Noiseless Cuckooclock

Asya Pritsker

Heard your name in class from your Dad,
Out of curiosity,
did research on you via internet,
You did great,
at Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics,
Then bumped into your blog,
read your experiences in Germany,
actually, loved reading it,
the descriptions are vivid and fun,
Blessings, to you
and to your little brother.
                                                 Asya's Dad and Dr. James Halligan, OSU

Monday, March 5, 2012

Black Love: Thanks for Being A Good Neighbor

Image Credit:

Resident at 2119 August Street,
is a black family with
two kids about Tom's age,
They’re friendly,
On snow days, Tom would spend
lots of time playing snowball
fights with them,
or stay inside their home for hours,
playing card or video games,
what special mingling,
Beautiful friendship and love,
Bless them, way to go.