Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Who Am...

In the eyes of a wise owl
burns a golden fire  In
the minds of the cats
a rainbowful sky In
the art of the poet
paints one galaxy
who I see these
bless everyone
I who am as
a corridor
to be


Robin Clinton said...

lovely shape and thoughts.

antomaniax said...

What a shape! I love it!

Buddha3074 said...

Interesting, yes, have to love the shape of it!_!

ironisch said...

The golden fire rising high and peering over the horizons! Love the creativity!

shoelessboywonder said...

Overly awesome, I wish I could write, and create and artistic picture as well. Very clever. Good job.

underthetoadstool said...

Yes, yes and yes. Perfectly sculpted!

$unshine of the Moon said...

You sculpted a poem.
Just loved the ending.

elainedanforth said...

This works. It is nicely shaped, as others have commented, and I like the sequence of one image being somehow linked to, or nested in the one after it, kind of like Russian dolls.

And the end is very powerful, the image of the corridor wanting to be the sea, seeming to express a desire too big to be contained within present circumstances.

Have a great Rally!
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Shaunda Eck said...


dandylion28 said...

Lovely shape!

M. Reka said...

Beautiful shape and great thoughts.

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