Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For Sheng: The Young "Yoyo Ma" (Cello) and "Dell" (Computer Programming)

Sheng, Lake Michigan, Chicago, Winter, 1995

Sheng is a brilliant soul:
National Merit Finalist,
AP Scholar with Distinction,
Co-president of Youth and Government,
NCHO honor orchestra,
all state honor orchestra First chair
during high school years...
His computer skills are outstanding,
He's taught Mom how to scan photos,
How to paint or edit images...
Life is dull without his significant presence.

Sheng, First Chair on Cello, Honor Orchestra Concert, 2009

Tyrek (son of Patricia Young) and Sheng, Chicago, Summer, 1995

A girl from our neighbor, and Sheng, 
Princeton, New Jersey, Summer, 1997, Home

Tulsa Zoo, Sheng and Tom, with parents ..Summer, 2001

Tom, Justin, and Sheng, Austin, Texas...1998

Jingle and Sheng, Princeton, New Jersey, Fall, 1996

Sheng, Princeton University Campus, Summer, 1997

Justin, Mike (from Germany), and Sheng, 
Austin, Texas Home, 1997

PS: Sheng was born on May 22, 1993, Beijing, P. R. China,
He is a true blessing to his family, 
He loves Tom, always has gifts for Tom when he comes home...
He has been teaching Tom cello for fun 
whenever he is home from college and before he left for college...
Tom loves Sheng too.
Above 55 word story is Sheng's hand wriitng style...


Iris Murphy said...

It has been a true blessing to get to know sheng,

As his Mom said: he is eager to learn, even if he has never done that before, he can grasp the new concepts and find clues to solutions quickly...Sheng has skipped 2nd grade...

bless him,
Happy Spring Break Ahead.

Taylor Boomer said...

amazing one.

best wishes for Sheng.

Tonya Harris said...

sheng is gifted indeed.

well done illustration.