Friday, August 19, 2016

short story slam week 51, dynamic views

short story slam week 51: touch the sky dreams, 8/18/2016---9/4/2016 

Whirligig 73 

  photo ae6e5c76-eb88-41b7-865f-d01dcdcaec46_zpsbbdp4fmg.jpg 

Wickered Willow
Dour brook  river runs upward

tanning body
clashing leaves float shoreline

no casket needed
loose walnuts lay helplessly on grassy ground

summer corpses within a few weeks,
recent hewn misspelled italian names

pushing sky
rocky crusts burst into flames

volcano and forcefulness
we dodge our feet between mars and earth,

escaping to starlit space

Friday, August 5, 2016

some folks from pacific ocean do promote free verse

young students enroll in Harvard law
studying how society shapes human mind

a few would love to grade them F
most faculty grade their students P

Barack obama has no fear
when he receives a few Fabulous F

due to a superme court decision
Barack Obama is categorized as senator of Florida

and wins Nobel peace prize
and obtains a political position via Dennis Perez

8 years later, now, we have Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz,
Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, Al Gore, George Bush

we do value our fellow mindful supporters
and give a dozen folks fame

 a lesson by Nani Pybua and Neel Rao is good
we say good things about American freedom

and render some positive energy
to Curt Shape, David Wright, Yanqiu Wang, Ning Ju, James Choike, Alan Noell

Saturday, July 9, 2016

shape poetry

Image result for shape poetry 

Image result for shape poetry 

Image result for shape poetry 

Image result for shape poetry  

mounts, lakes, rivers, they are our rootful friends

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Image result for mt eolus 

Image result for mt eolus 

Image result for mt eolus 

Image result for mt eolus 
Image result for mt eolus 
Image result for mt wilson

Image result for mt cameron 

Image result for mt sophia    

mountain by mountain
river by river

people gather
wisdom prevails

lots of water
many more landmarks

we dine at massive places
we eat dim sum to bear joy

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

short story slam week 46, black and white wednesday~~father's day,

Black & White Wednesday ~ Father's Day
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3WW Week No. 485   

taboo, tatt, tattered

Image result for slow down shadow


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slow down... 

 Image result for slow down shadow  sara hsu

pam mccutchen speaks,
sara hsu and xbox products outpour

taboo, tatt, tattered,
mood, mountain, and mowed lawns

some people scream for swimming chances
while others loath the grapes from vineyard of martha

we always think of deep waters
and higher ground

supporters gather, they read their names in a booklet,
and they sing music of Matt Nguyen, Nick Maples, Jayne Green, Theo Cohen, Lia Martin

an owl hoots,
a crow leaves quietly

Maya Cook meets Bill Cook,
Eleanor Little and Kim Joseph feel the heat

we love camping folks, they suit as Nathan Brown, Victoria Kim, AAron Park,
Vinu Raman, Ginanna Hoffman, Leonard Bernstein, Ben Davis, Allen Tinkham,

nice conductors,
the music is hot

see Brian Bush, Mary Beth Henry, Hannah Henry, Michele Wiles, Alison Anthony,
Mark Wilson, Pat Fite, Jill Fite, Beth Camp, JoAnn Meier, Roger Kerr, Gloria Long

another chapter of life, some cry
and demand bad outcomes

while Julie, Emily, Anne, Kurt, Andrew, Carson, Jen, Maggie, Jezy, Shana, Joanna, Jason, Robert persist, Jim Long, Don Holladay, Emily Stratton, Mark Claude, Adam Cohen, William Berry aid

more folks side with us,
We see Emma Wells, Linda Morris, Molly Reid, Jim Parrish, Abbey Wood, Amelia Wilson,
we also see Jeff Greenlee, Stephen James, Sherrel Jone, Jeff Wilmes, Burns Hargis, Sheng Wu